Monday, March 7, 2016

Elections are March 15. Early Voting is already underway in PBC

Elections are March 15. Early Voting is already underway in PBC

State Attorney - Dave Aronberg  (Dem.) 
County Commissioner (Dist. 5) - Mary Lou Berger (Dem.)
West Palm Beach City Commissioner (Dist. 1) - Sylvia Moffett
Lake Worth, Pam Triolo, Andy Amoroso, Scott Maxwell
    Lake Worth Mayor - Pam Triolo
          Lake Worth City Commissioner (Dist. 1) - Scott Maxwell
          Lake Worth City Commissioner (Dist. 3) - Andy Amoroso 

Seriously, this is the first time I’ve seen the Lake Worth City Government firing on all cylinders. How about we roll with this for a little while longer.  

Boynton Beach District 3.
I’m supporting Mike Fitzpatrick.
Opponent James Brake came out with some negative shitmail this weekend in my mailbox. Typical wanna be politician, sent out some slanted, partial truth as a hit piece. Same shameful tactics. Never trust anyone who wants to be a politician for the sake of being a politician. James WILL succeed in politics, trust me. He will continue to show up and play the game until he wins. He’s right (in his hit piece) about Christina, who has no credentials, no history. Plenty of ego. I love people who just show up and think they can do the job without doing ANY footwork. *rolls eyes*

Mike, for his faults and strengths at least has the courage to say, hey, look, the city budget is on fire, I think we should put it out. All I ask for in an elected official is courage and smarts. Mike checks off those boxes and has been honest and hard working as a commissioner over the last three years.

Presidential: Hillary.  Love Bernie, but he’s selling something that won’t work.

On the Republican side. I wish all my Republican friends the best. I could vote for Kasich. Cruz makes me violently ill. Rubio? Uh, no.. Put in some time and get back to us (arrogant prick). Trump? You guys are screwed!

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